Yes, I’ve had Donabe Rice several times (with different ingredients) and yes, I have had binchotan-grilled Wagyu Beef just as many times if not more. But having both simultaneously was a first for me, and we were even told to enjoy them together.
Verdict: I loved the outcome! 😋😋😋
Those huge, creamy oysters that had been braised in sake, shoyu, mirin and loads of butter, were broken up before being mixed into the piping hot rice to be served to us in individual bowls. After slicing up the smoky, melt-in-mouth Miyazaki A5 Wagyu (it had a crazy marbling factor of 11), we popped the oyster rice on top and enjoyed a “surf & turf” of the most delectable and flavourful kind.
I can’t wait to return to @fleuretterestaurant to discover what Chef-owner @tariqhelou has up his sleeves.