We found the selection to be a tad limited, but the quality was not bad. Fried items were few which include fried chicken, mandu, seaweed roll) but standard hotpot items were there which include: various mushrooms, carrot, radish, veggies, corn, luncheon meat, cheese tofu, hotdog, crabstick, egg, seaweed, meat (pork collar, pork belly, chicken), seafood (lala, prawns) fish cake skewers, tteokboki (original, cheese, sweet potato).

We really liked the fishcake skewers and sweet potato tteokboki. The pork belly was not bad as well as it was quite tender. As for the soup bases, there're quite a few to choose from and we just went with the classic non spicy option. We found 90mins to be just enough time to fill our tummies. Service was average but they seem to be understaffed. We paid $41 for 2pax using burrple for a weekend dinner which we thought was quite worth it. However we believe there are better options elsewhere for their normal prices. Read from previous reviews that there's free fried rice at the end of 90 mins but we weren't offered any though.