Aburi Sushi - Freshly made and grilled to perfection. The assorted Aburi Sushi is my top recommendation for this place. Each of them have unique flavors and dressings. I can't decide if I like the beef one the most or the salmon. They are serve hot and best eat when hot as all the flavors will just burst and melts in your mouth. Taste really GOOD. The lunch sets here are value for money. We ordered a lunch sets that comes with starters (3 small dish), salad, miso soup, Aburi sushi (assorted in pic), 4 BBQ skewers, sashimi (salmon and swordfish), seafood hotpot, grilled salmon with mentaiko mayo, mix tempura and ice-cream. It's good for 2 ladies, cost about 50. Very satisfying meal with good service.

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