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“Complimentary Soup of the Day: Cream of Tomato” (Weekday Set Lunch)⁣⁣ This soup started off to be really tangy and acidic but after a few mouthfuls, the savouriness seeps in and blends together. It has a good harmony of flavours and was a wonderful appetizer that left me feeling hungrier for more.⁣⁣
“Calamari” Tapas [$7.50] ⁣⁣
Fried Squid Rings, Chilled Pomodoro Dip⁣⁣
A simple savoury tasting calamari done right. Brio’s side of calamaris are like cutting through butter and really helps your stomach get going to enjoy your other courses.⁣⁣
“Confit of Duck” Entrée [$13.80] (Weekday Set Lunch)⁣⁣
Duck Confit served with Orange Reduction, Potato Puree & Arugula⁣⁣
The star of the dish – Duck Confit had a beautiful crisp skin produced from being cooked in its fats. The presentation of this dish is on point. Digging in, obviously the flavors did not disappoint. The Duck was rich and fall off the bone tender. Each bite was full of the duck’s fragrance and fatty flavors. Paired together with the Orange Reduction, this dish stays tasty throughout and doesn’t ever get gelat. Together with this, there is the Potato Puree and Arugula. To be honest, those two sides are just normal to me. But, it does make this dish more complete and more filling. If I come back here, I will definitely order this again. Afterall, it has great value, good flavours and a beautiful look.⁣⁣

“Oxtail Bourguignonne” Entrée [$17.80]⁣⁣
Oxtail Stewed with Vegetables, Side of Mash Potato⁣⁣
Having eaten many oxtail stews from home cooked to from restaurants, I can certainly say that while Brio's oxtail isn't the best, it's far from the worst. The strongest point of the oxtail bourguignonne is definitely its rich thick gravy which coats the meat perfectly. Everything taste better with good gravy and that's probably the reason why I order everytime I eat at Brio. As for the actual ox tail meat on the other hand, it's a little too tough and some parts of the tail has a bit of a beef jerky taste too me. A longer cooking time would be required to get that near fall off the bone texture. Overall still a tasty dish worth trying! -Foodie🖖🏻 & Foodier✌🏻