As I was approaching CouCou, I was greeted by a minimalist white wall with "CouCou" written on a red signboard which makes it easy to locate as you're walking down Craig Road. I was warmly greeted and being led indoor by the friendly hostess.

The indoor has a warm ambience with soft music playing in the background. Two designs of the restaurant that caught my attention was the hung up posters of Swiss Alps and the row of cuckoo clocks on the wall that chirps hourly enlivening your dining experience.

I ordered Tagliata De Boeuf ( Sliced Beef), 200g grass fed striploin served with Herbs and Garlic Butter sauce. I selected Pommes Allumettes (thin fries) as my side.

I was presented with a plate of well charred, thick slices of grilled beef laid on a bed of Arugulas. The beef was perfectly grilled to my preferred doneness, medium rare. It was lightly seasoned with salt and cracked black pepper without masking the true flavor of the beef.

The Pommes Allumettes are freshly prepared to order, sliced thinly and perfectly deep fried to golden brown which makes it so irresistible.

Located at Craig Road, it’s merely a few minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar Mrt station. Multi-storey parking is available right beside which makes it convenient for those who are driving. If you're looking for a place for a date, chill out or have some drinks with friends, this Swiss restaurant, CouCou is definitely the place for you.