If you love omu rice or just any form of egg, you'll love this. Osaka Ohsho is known for its gyoza, but the Fuwatoro Tenshin Han won my heart. At $10.90, tasty Japanese rice comes blanketed by a pillowy, fluffy omelette that is so good. The brown gravy is not overpowering, so you can enjoy the complete eggy goodness in a bowl. P.S. They sell two types of Tenshin Han depending on the outlet, I tried both and the Classic version pales in comparison to this one. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Oooh, I haven't had this in such a long time. Thanks for reminding me to get my egg fix again soon (and those moreish gyozas). 😁
Muriel A 👍🏻🤗 enjoy your egg fix!
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