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All my bready carb-loving friends - you MUST check out the bread section where you can sample a range of bread from sweet to savoury, all baked fresh daily & made with love. The spreads they have out on the side for sampling - kaya, butter, jam, etc - are also pretty varied, so you can get some good mixing & matching done before you purchase anything.

My favourite is the Habitat Loaf, & a close 2nd being the Smoked Duck & Coriander Loaf (which I feel has a unique savoury taste that not everyone would appreciate.. But I do!). I think my mum would like the Walnut & Raisin Sourdough; I will get her to try it when I bring it here before we buy a loaf back 😁

So imagine my surprise when at the end of a night of feasting, we were gifted a Habitat Loaf with a jar of kaya! Perfect for me to share with my family (my dad actually eats kaya toast at home every morning). The kaya is not as viscous as I am used to, & it is sweet (compared to the No Sugar kaya I usually eat... Duh 😂), but it goes perfectly with the fluffy habitat loaf especially when toasted.

Thank you habitat by honestbee for the hospitality, & Burpple for the invite! 💕

📱 Download the Honestbee app beforehand - you'll need it to enter!
📶 Free WiFi available... If you forget my advice above & need to download it when you get there 😂

Your Loaf is Love and not Loathe right? Just to be sure haha.
Siming T absolutely LOVE! I better put an emoji so there's no ambiguity... Lol