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Known for its Modern Chinese cuisine style which is basically innovating traditional dim sum and Cantonese cuisine version 2.0.. Mitzo serves a bottomless weekend brunch, where the only limit is my stomach space. Otherwise I could order endless rounds of dim sum (the salted egg yolk buns, escargot cheese puffs), the Hokkaido milk cheese tarts
. .
If you donโ€™t know what to order, just order endless rounds of their melt-in-the-mouth rock sugar-caramelised roasted barbeque pork (char siew). Which was what I did. I also particularly love the nourishing hearty double-boiled soup which was a godsend for my tired overworked soul. .
Each diner also gets a serving of lobster, abalone and bamboo clam available in different cooking styles. I opted for the baked cheese lobster with lemon sauce, stir-fried XO abalone in asparagus and steamed bamboo clams in stir fried garlic and soya sauce. $68++ for weekend buffet brunch. So worth it. Thanks to my treater ๐Ÿ˜˜ . .
And thanks to Mitzo for making me feel like 100 years old with the longevity buns... Nice joke!

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