great place to relax and chill with friend(s). the staff were welcoming and polite. within the first 5 minutes we were given a welcome drink on the house; a surprisingly refreshing fruit soda that we couldn’t get enough of!! overall enjoyed the ambience and wholesome laid back dining experience 🙂

food :
cheesy steak burger ($17). got this cus i read reviews on the burger and also it was recommended by the restaurant. tasted better than i expected and i was happy with the meat, the salad dressing and the plating!
redeemed a mains offer and got the beef cheek ragu ($16) (also recommended by the restaurant) which was a flavourful pasta dish as far as i could tell from stealing a few bites
-> they’ve also got whole day happy hour deals : 8.50 for tiger/heineken/stella bottles iirc

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