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After reading several online reviews, i was SUPER TEMPTED to try the sesame flavour but it wasnt on rotation this week. Hence, i got the mixed flavour acai (burried in beneath) and chocolate oat.

Acai: [Preferred] The acai base was made with acai, grapes, watermelon, medjool dates and filtered water. The acai isnt overly sweetened and had this slight sour accent. Serving only refined-sugar free desserts (YAAAS to this concept because its HEALTHY), I love how they sweetened the acai slightly with Medjool dates while retaining the natural sweetness and sourness of acai berries. The acai isnt diluted and had this icy texture. GREAT LOVE for this version of acai because the ones i had at other acai cafes were TOO sweet for my liking (eg. Randy indulgence)

Chocolate oat: This base was made with oats, dark chocolate, tofu, medjool dates, himalyan salt and filtered water. This had a creamy texture and was more filling and decadent. Suitable for those who love ice cream. Glad that it wasnt overly sweet and nice very subtle hint of savoury taste thanks to the himalayan salt. Personally preferring dark chocolate with very high bitter intensity (>80% cacao and unsweetened), i find the chocolate oats felt more like milk chocolate ice cream.😅😅 though dark chocolate was used.

I wanted the large bowl but i realised only mini or regular was available. Ooops. Love how it comes with banana, blueberries, mulberries, coconut milk chia pudding and house-made granola. However, for mine, i realised they gave very little blueberries 😭😭 i only had 2 for the regular bowl but from pictures i saw on instagram, others had moreeee :(((( xiao sad for the inconsistency😅

Nonetheless, i really really really love their acai base😍😍😍 as well as their refine-sugar free concept.

Ratings: 8.5/10 (quite expensive without 1-for-1) as the regular wasnt big enough to be a meal replacer. So it isnt very worth without discounts

No go
Can go
Must go😊