This place has been on my radar for quite awhile after seeing them being listed on Burpplebeyond 1 for 1. They have a 20 +20 skewers promo for this. Because it was too much for for 2 pax, I had to gather 2 more dining companions! We also used the 1-for-1 signature mains for the meal!

Hits and misses. The best food was served the first and the worst food was served the last 🤔

Best dish - unagi fried rice ($8.8). No promo for this. But it was the most enjoyable dish. Maybe because we were hungry too. The pearl rice were all coated with the unagi sauce! Fried till fragrant. Not too salty. Although only a tiny few pieces of unagi. We thought of eating this fried rice with the skewers. But we ended up finishing them before the skewers were even served

1 for 1 dishes:
🍴BBQ squid - some parts were toooo chaotah(especially the squid legs which I was eating)
🍴butter salmon : I liked the buttery sauce that was served together with it!

🍢chicken skewers - the best! Juicy and lots of marination
🍢 Prawn - quite average. Nothing wow
🍢 Chicken mid wings - good
🍢 Taiwan sausage - how it should be.
🍢potatoes - good! Reminds me of the swirl potato crisps!
🍢mushrooms - it was good but too much mushrooms for us in the end
🍢the various pork belly (with green onion / enoki mushroom / shitake mushroom) - just BAD. I thought this will be the best item but it ended up being the worst. Firstly, some pork belly were fried until super chaotah?!? And the pork belly w shitake mushroom was just shitake mushroom w thinly thinnnn slice of pork belly wrapped around it. I wouldn't recommend one to get this. The chicken skewers are much better.

After using the 2 Burpplebeyond 1-for-1 vouchers, meal was around $65+ for 4 pax.

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