a) OYSTER CASINO: Fresh, big & plump oyster served with various Thai sauces that is not overpowering the oyster taste
b) SALMON LEMAK: Raw salmon + various ingredients; taste refreshing but felt the individual ingredients taste doesn't complement each other well
c) CHICKEN CURRY KUEH PIE TEE: Meat is overly small; curry is thick & taste decent
d) STUFFED SEAFOOD LYCHEE: Finely chopped prawns in lychee & deep-fry in thin charcoal batter; felt lychee taste & sweetness overpower the prawn fillings
e) PRAWN CAKES: Deep-fry shrimp patty with rojak sauce; not oily & sauce complement the dish well; best among all
f) TERIYAKI PORK TOAST: Minced pork spread on mantou; prefer a thicker layer of minced meat spread; good to try
h) HOISIN SMOKED DUCK PIZZA: Taste like usual pizza, nothing special
i) MENTAIKO SCALLOP: Fresh & juicy scallop with mentaiko sauce; not bad but prefer a bigger size scallop

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