Family likes LeNu: where we get a variety of soupy Noods that suits the palate.

🍴 Braised Beef Combi ($15.90) which includes my fave wagyu chunks, marbled beef, tendon... Accidentally ordered this, but i guess we deserve a treat from time to time! The variety of beef + fragrant 红烧 soup is good, though hard to match Dintaifung's

🍴 Braised Pork Rib Noodles ($9.90) was alright with its tender pork ribs

🍴 Garoupa Pickled Veggie ($13.50), this dish exceeded our expectations as its not salty, and the garoupa fillet is generous + soft.

We topped up for a set to get a drink + chilled black fungus for $3.20. Pretty worth honestly.