It was the jaw-dropping main course - a D.I.Y. “Banh Mi Party” with steaming hot, straight-from-the-oven fluffy pizza dough bread as the base. To build our own sandwich, we had four outstanding meats: lemongrass pork belly, spam pate, house-made beef tongue pastrami and pistachio-studded mortadella, as well as a truckload of fresh herbs, an assortment of pickles made in-house (think daikon, chillies and beetroot), and finally, the all-important condiments: spring onion relish, Maggi seasoning mayo and fermented chilli with shrimp salt. You bet we went crazy piling everything on, to customise behemoth #BanhMi #sandwiches we had to unhinge our jaws for. Flavour-wise, it was off-the-charts!

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