The food is tasty but prices are a little high. We took up the 1-for-1 kaidan set burpple deal and ordered the uni kaidan and a basic kaidan. Also ordered a garlic fried rice with wagyu, and a heavenly roll. Including two hot teas, the total bill came up to $120+.

The garlic rice with wagyu was really tasty, but the portion (especially the beef) is a little small. The seafood used for the kaidan sets was fresh and the heavenly roll was delicious.

Not sure if it’s because the business is still ironing out teething issues, but service standards were inconsistent. Perhaps also cos it was a busy dinner service. We asked for refills for our hot tea, but the refill was already cool when they served it to us. We also had to clarify the burpple deal details with three different persons as everyone gave conflicting info.

Might visit again cos the food is really not bad in terms of taste and flavour, but I’m not sure it’s really worth the price. This place is also probably not for aficionados of super authentic Japanese cuisine.

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