Back at Snack Culture Company, this time for their Christmas special (7 instead of 9 plates, for $49++)

with a great story behind its creation! One reason why I like eating here is listening to the inspiration behind the dishes. I don't dislike a lot of food but teochew Giam Cai Ark (salted vegetable duck soup) is something that I usually avoid. This, however, was acceptable to me and that says something haha! Very appetizing, especially with the addition of green chilli, dash of lime AND cognac! Together with what looks like Chinese dumpling (which I didn't think was a good fit with the soup), the ravioli is stuffed with smoked duck and ham.

- starters. Sweet potato espuma with freshly grated nutmeg for a touch of Christmas, smoked duck buah keluak wanton (which wasn't distinct in taste but very nicely crisped) and my favorite from Around the World's laksa prawns with hae bee hiam cookies. Wanted to get a bottle of cookies but oos :(

this Louisiana stew was so packed with flavour! Fresh sea prawns, clams, mussels, luncheon meat and okra. Served with crispy roti prata puffs.

- chunky homemade honey baked ham with quinoa fried rice, one of their best sellers (they do bento!). Texture of rice was great and tasty. Served with side of mushroom gravy.