Got a little busy to write this post but glad to be invited to the Burpple Tastemaker Eatup at Gastrosmiths a while ago — got to enjoy quite a number of their small plates which works great for groups to try a little bit of everything. Of the lot, my favourites were actually the greens — the Grilled Kai Lan, Pickled Daikon was smoky, crunchy and beautifully charred, while I simply couldn't resist the Cauliflower Arrabiata which features roasted cauliflower with its charred florets and tangy, mildly spicy tomato sauce with onion pickles. Even the Tofu & Roma Tomato, Shoyu Caramel was splendid — the silken tofu was a match with that mix of savoury and sweetness behind the sauce that is signature to Gastrosmiths. Those looking for meaty options would also be happy to learn about the tender Angus 150 Days Grain Fed Hangar Steak and the well-crusted and flavourful Grilled Spanish Pork Neck, Roasted Grapes. Gastrosmiths also offer quite a number of more substantial bites that works great as a meal, including the Angus Hamburg & Truffle Egg Rice Bowl (highly recommended for a main!) and Fried Chicken Caviar Roll. Really liked how the Grilled Camembert Toast, Rosemary Honey rounded off the meal though — cheesy, sweet and atop crusty toast; I don't even mind having it as dessert or breakfast!

Thanks to Gastrosmiths for hosting, and Burpple for the invite — a place I would be pretty much looking forward to visiting again!