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The innovative menu created by new chef Archan flies in the face of what one would imagine a gastro brewery to serve, yet manages to seamlessly incorporate Level33’s house beers and its constituent components into many of the dishes.

One of my favourite starters here is the lager cured kingfish. Buttery in texture, with just the slightest hint of beer, the thick-cut slices of sashimi are dressed in cucumber juice and garnished with a texturally inventive pairing of rolled pickle cucumber, tapioca sago and tapioca chips.

Most impressive is the final touch of housemade seaweed oil and housemade “sand” composed of nori, puffed rice, malt and a very unique ingredient I haven’t seen before – spent grain; leftover malt from the brewing process. The briny yet toasty, crunchy umaminess of it was very tasty and complementary to the fish.

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Taste: 4/5