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I was delighted to see Gunther's in the RW listing, and more so that they had dinner bookings available. Made one on the spot even before I asked my friend if he wanted to join me - that's how highly anticipated this meal was.

The decor is teeming with classic elegance, cool gray walls with warm spot lighting on the immaculately set tables. Loudness levels seem to be kept at a maximum of 50-70dB with waiters and diners conversing in whispers. One of my friends who came with her husband told me later that she didn’t dare to say hi and cause a commotion because of how quiet the place was. Great for private time with your partner(s) but the setting can be a tad intimidating.

The menu cost $58++ with three courses, I chose the pan fried foie gras ($15 add-on), grilled smoked rack of black pig for the main, and dessert was a sesame ‘bonbon’ with chocolate. The slab of foie gras was a sight to behold, but lavish as it is, I would’ve preferred more sear around and a teeny bit more salt on it especially with the mild sweetness from the apple coulis and port sauce. The grilled pork (not in photo) was forgettable, cooked well with the chewy fat retained but bland and unexciting.