3⭐ Bought the 1 for 1 ramen deal during Chope birthday sale. When Menbaka Fire Ramen first open, the queue is extremely long and more than 1 hr of queuing. Now there's no more crazy queue. For the ramen, there's only 3 choices to choose from: Shoyu, Tonkotsu & Kara Miso Spicy. WB had Spicy while I had Tonkotsu. We also ordered a side dish. After the ramen is cooked, the server will ask us to go to the counter seats to watch the fire ritual. Video recording is allowed but they do not allow self taking of the video, the hp has to be hang by them at a corner. Then we can return to our seats after the fire ritual and they will serve the ramen to our table. The ramen is disappointing, the broth is mediocre and the 2 pieces of char siu are as thin as paper. Once for the experience is enough.
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