Paradise Gastronomy had recently opened a new branch at GV Yishun, taking over the former premises of now-defunct Sweet Tornado Dessert.

Have always liked their version of this dish since their days at The Bencoolen; the braised pork rice coming with a good proportion of lean and fatty meat that provides both melt-in-the-mouth, juicy chunks of meat amidst some that provide a bit of bite. There was also ample meat and sauce to go around the portion of rice; savoury with a hint of the cinnamon, star anise and other spices used in the sauce β€” all that whilst not resulting in the rice being all soggy. The salted pickles gives a refreshing crunch, while the fried shallots helped to add a bit of crispness β€” provides a break from the meatiness. A more convenient location in the North to settle those Taiwanese cuisine cravings.