Deep peppery bak kut teh which appeals to lovers of BKT because of it’s strong peppery spice. But I wouldn’t say it’s sth extremely “wow”! The “wow” factor comes primarily from the delectable meesua and fried porridge. It’s so, so, so, flavoursome. Meesua was extremely cheap (+$0.50) as add-on to any of the additional mains ordered (fried porridge included). Even w/o the add-on price, it’s priced at $0.80, definitely very affordable too!

I’m not a fan of mixed organs, or any other innards. So I opted for the sliced pork fried porridge instead. Can I say, it’s extremely savoury! At $5/bowl, it’s definitely not the cheapest porridge but the size’s at least 20% larger than the usual ones at cheaper price. There’s also a pretty generous serving of sliced pork slices - well cooked to tenderness. No fatty bits (ie wasted food) that you’ll spit out!

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