#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Cheesy Dalgalbi $32.80
Chir Chir Mi Chir $32.80

Came here on a hungry stomach so both of us ordered the full portion, we were wrong, couldn’t finish the Chir Chir Mi Chir and had to take away. Double confirmed that this place is very good for sharing. Didn’t get a picture of chir chir mi chir, it’s creamy pasta with fried chicken as the cheesy Dalgalbi was sooooo good, the cheese went so well with the spicy chicken pieces. Rice cake was soft and chewy. Also, hands down for their extensive menu applicable for Beyond and its so sad that the 1-1 will be ending in 30Jun19! Super worth it and will try to gather my friends and come here again before the promotion ends!