Cheese lovers will be in for a treat as the Cheese Xplosion Pizza is made on Domino’s Cheesy Crust and topped with more mozzarella cheese than ever. The pizza also contains the cheesy and garlic infused top secret sauce, which makes it even cheesier and satisfying. Available for a limited time only, the pizza sells at $30.90 for the regular size and $40.90 for the large size. To cut through the richness, you can also order the salsa sauce ($0.50) to add a tangy spicy kick to your cheesy pizza.

To celebrate the launch, key in the promo code 35CXREG to enjoy 35% off the regular ala carte Cheese Xplosion or 35CXLRG to enjoy 35% off the large ala carte Cheese Xplosion from 1-16 December. There are also meal deals for 2 and 5 pax that’s available for ordering in their website.
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