From Noa; a rare opportunity to check this place out in the heart of the CBD when they are opened on Hari Raya Haji — otherwise a place that I probably would have to miss out on for a bit considering that they only operate during weekday morning to the afternoon before Laut takes over the operations for dinner service.

Went for the Fish Rendang Set here; described as “Fish of the Day, Rendang Curry” on the menu, the item comes with ala-carte and set options — the set sees the item come with Nasi Ulam, Seasonal Vegetables, and Homemade Sambal Belachan. Thought that the entire item came as a great package altogether — the Nasi Ulam certainly giving the dish much of its attractive aesthetic; fluffy and hinted lightly of an umami note that is extremely appealing on its own. It pairs well with the home-made sambal belachan, which adds a savoury and spicy kick that tantalises the taste-buds — those who are less tolerant to spiciness, you have been warned! Otherwise, the Fish Rendang presents a mellower spiciness in comparison; hints of a coconut-y fragrance that’s pretty alluring, while the fish served comes in a rather substantial portion — fresh, moist and plump; flaky and easy to eat without any undesirable fishiness. The seasonal vegetables seem to be the Nyonya Achar here; provides a good tang and a nice crunch that resets the tastebuds especially from the spicy elements in the dish.

Must say I am pretty wow-ed with the offering of a Peranakan-themed lunch menu at Noa, which also somewhat goes hand-in-hand with what Laut has to offer despite its separate operations — taking inspiration from the culture and flavours of Southeast Asian cuisine. Would say that it’s a spot I would gladly want to visit again — a gorgeous environment, and a familiar theme with well-executed food and coffee that resonates well with their concept; what’s more that I can ask for?