The last time I tried Alter Ego was 2 years ago, and I still remembered that the food was decent back then. However, not only did my dinner last night not meet expectations, it was hands-down the worst meal I've had in recent times. It was so bad that I just had to write this review as an act of service to everyone else considering to eat here. DON'T!!!!
I haven't written many reviews even after 2 years of using Burpple Beyond. So the fact that I even bothered to write this review says a lot.

Seafood pasta:
- bland
- sauce was obviously canned sauce (and not a good one at that)
- seafood was chewy and definitely NOT fresh
- horrible sight to see the oil left behind at the end of my meal

- extremely oily
- rubbery and had no bite to it, almost choked on it
- unseasoned, no taste at all
- batter was flaky and did not stick to the squid
- sauce was generic

Service was terrible. We asked to shift to the tables outside because the music was too loud and the flickering Christmas lights gave us a headache. Server's first reply was simply "cannot". We asked why, her first excuse was "the tables are wet from the rain", but we knew they were not. Her second excuse was "we have reservations, all full." But at the end of our meal, the place was only 40% full.

Paid $36 for this nonsense.
My friend and I had to find another place for a second meal because this was so unsatisfying and made us feel sick after eating because of how oily the food was.

Don't waste your time, money or calories here.
Safe to say I will not be returning to Alter Ego ever again for the rest of my life.