Always passed by Dough Magic when taking away liang pi from the stall opposite. Finally bought one to try! A pity that the bao wasn’t the best in terms of fluffiness and was rather dry. Not a bad portion of filling, though I’d like it more grainy and stronger in its black sesame flavour instead of how it’s more of a combi of black sesame + lotus paste.

Hi wei Zhi , agree that their sweet paus are a let down . Try the Xiao rou bao ( comes in three ) or the egg and luffa and black fungus small paus ( comes in three ). Their savoury paus are better . They are made on the spot and pau texture is nice 🙏
Oh!!! Those sound good :) will give them a try, thanks for the tip Michelle!
Welcome wei Zhi . Also try the traditional hand made dou Sha bing from the takeaway pastry stand at the hawker ( where the fruit stalls are ) must try their 豆茸素。 so good - better than xxx🤣
Woah! HAHAHA so many things to try, I’ll drop by again soon 😛 Thank you!
Finally recalled the stall’s name / it’s Lau Chong kee
Try the custard puffs , dou Rong Su , Hong dou Su , pandan steamed cake 🥰
Yay thank you!! Sounds so tempting already 😂
Hey Michelle, I just bought their savoury paus (a mix of all 3) and they’re nice! Texture’s so much better ☺️
Agree! For the savoury paus, they make them on the spot and I suspect they use 老面, so the paus are slightly QQ . The fillings are also juicy . Must Wash it all down with the 臭草green bean soup at the nearby hawker man by 3 Super strong elderlys .