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In frame is the Creamy Salted Egg Chicken Rice which was indeed the creamiest of all salted eggs I’ve tried.
There were still solid substances in the sauce which were probably chipped cheese slices because they’re textured and tasted like one.
Taste-wise the salted egg was there but of course kinda overpowered by the creaminess. It was very luscious and delicious at first but of course, it was so creamy and it gets a bit overwhelming towards the end.
Another thing I’d like to point out is probably the batter-chicken ratio which was a little bit below satisfactory. If you see the ‘generous’ amount of chicken right there, hmm there’s actually also lots of batter there too!
If you’re a fan of creamy stuffs, Jia Yuen’s “Creamy Salted Egg” should definitely be on your bucketlist!
They also have non creamy aka regular “Salted Egg” which I suspect will be less creamy and I’m curious to find out.. if only they were closer to MRT station haha (I almost got lost coming here wkwk)

📍Jia Yuen Eating House, Singapore
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