SS15's go-to for steamboat, Bee Ho spans two spacious shoplots that fill up in a flash on weekends. If schedule allows, make it here for a laidback weekday dinner with your family. The restaurant that cites its Pulau Ketam descent prides itself on a pleasantly sweet clear soup base, as well as their fiery chilli paste that cannot be missed. Order the all-rounder Steamboat Set (RM18.80 per pax), which comes with the usual trimmings like prawns, fish fillet, meatballs and the like. It's essential to please different palates, but shrink the set order to keep tummy and table space for something even better. The Crab Mee Hoon (priced by the amount of crabs at RM68/kg) is heavensent for crustacean lovers. Stir-fried in dark sauce with fresh crabs, the silky mee hoon takes on the titillating flavours of crab roe. The only downside to dining here is its slow service, likely due to short-staffing. Thankfully, the do-it-yourself steamboat will help keep you busy while waiting on other orders.
Avg price per person: RM25