An interesting mod-sin concept, with kong ba pao filled with different types of non-traditional meat that still manages to pay homage to traditional Asian cuisine. Our favourite was the signature pulled pork bao: the tender strips of meat coated in thick dressing was bursting with the flavour of stewed pork! The accompanying achar salad was a nice touch, providing a tangy refreshing feeling which cut through the thickness of the meat. I personally enjoyed the spicy beef as well as its tenderness was comparable to the pork...though the accompanying greens were less flavorful.

Sadly, the tempura fish bao was a came in one sad small piece, hidden betwixt the folds of the fluffy bao. Sauce was pretty bland, overwhelmed by the fried tempura. It’s neither avocado nor what is this green sauce?!? I’m still trying to figure it out. 😅