Attended a Burpple Tastemsker Eatup at Jinjo recently, a new Japanese Sumiyaki concept by the folks of the Les Amis Group.

Had a go on quite a number of dishes across different sections of the menu; highlights include the Yaki Goma Tofu (tofu made from scratch that carries a chewy, bouncy texture like no other topped with beany original and a sweet Aichi Red Miso), the Kawa (charcoal-grilled Yakitori chicken skin that is absolutely crisp and smoky), Satsuma-Imo (sweet potato from Chiba prefecture that’s absolutely soft and sweet; served with knobs of butter on the side), Tomato (Kochi Tomato that’s absolutely sweet, plump and juicy, served with a refreshing, savoury and zippy pickled compote beneath) and Donabe (essentially a Japanese Rice Pot available with various condiments — the Unagi being a crowd pleaser with plump flesh that’s utterly tender along with savoury sauce and pearly rice, while the Truffle is the ultimate deal for truffle-lovers where more black truffle could be shaved at $7/gram — absolutely fragrant with evident truffle aroma). Finished the meal off with the Jinjo Warabimochi; chewy and slurpy rice cake pieces with nutty and beany soy bean powder drizzled with Kuromitsu sauce — a classic combination that never fails.

A place where great execution meets quality produce, the tasting at Jinjo was one we really enjoyed — really impressed with how the usage of quality produce helps to make something so simple tastes so remarkable — a place that is worth making the visit especially for special occasions. Thanks Burpple for the invite, and Jinjo for hosting!