I became a fan of the tendon ever since I first went to Japan. So i got overly zealous when i heard raving reviews about this place. Had to queue for about 30 mins during a weekend dinner hour. Do come earlier if you want to avoid the queue. There's a set meal available that comes with udon. But in my opinion, the tendon itself is enough to bloat your happy belly. The tempura is as impressive as it looks. Contains assorted veg, prawns and chicken fillet. Batter is crispy and not nua on the inside. The rice glisten like the mother of pearl rice. Not clumpy and the special tendon sweet sauce goes really well with it. The only ingredient missing here is the fried onsen egg which i deeply missed back in Japan. Personally i will root for this over Ginza Tendon.
日式甜不辣飯怎麼能少了Kohaku! 這家在Suntec頂樓的甜不辣店大受歡迎, 也代表了各位顧客的肯定!飯裡包含了雜菜,炸蝦,炸雞柳片. 飯裡的珍珠米不會太黏而不膩,配上特醬味道極佳!慕名而來的記得提早到以免排長隊!