The Nasi Lemak dishes at Colonial Club come with not only sambal, but a small saucer of curry. If you like thick, moderately spiced curries, this one’s a good one. We enjoyed almost all aspects of this Nasi Lemak - from the fragrant, coconut rice, to the sweet spicy Sambal, thick curry and sweet sour achar. But the dory fish was a major let down. The batter was crispy when it first arrived and crunched very enticingly as I cut into it. However, it didn’t have the light crispness I was anticipating when I bit into it. Within minutes, the batter had turned soft and wasn’t crispy at all. The dory flesh itself was okay, but perhaps grilling it would be a good alternative to their deep fried-centric sides available unless they change the batter for this. Thankfully, the deep fried squid fared a lot better. The squid remained crispy throughout, and the tentacles part was the best to chew on. Maybe go for the curry chicken nasi lemak, or their signature nasi lemak tower instead of the fried dory.

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