To our dismay, the Sriracha Chicken Burger ($15++) was sold out. We'd wanted Patty Variety from the beef patties that we love, & this was the only chicken option. Brined chicken thigh, American cheese, sweet pickled carrots & radish, spanish onions, butterhead lettuce, sriracha mayo sauce - sounded heckin' good. Hope to try it the next time.

So we opted for the SRF Wagyu Burger ($16++ single/$22++ double) instead, with a @snakeriverfarms Wagyu patty. Simple ingredients go into this burger: American cheese, caramelized onion, gherkin, master sauce & chipotle mayo.

All burgers are sandwiched between 2 brioche buns - they are SO good & fluffy. Love on first bite because of this pillowy texture & flavour explosion in my mouth. While I'm generally not big on chipotle, this sauce combination here was well-balanced & I'm not mad about it.

I had a single patty burger, which had a comfortable bun-to-meat ratio. I'd imagine the double patty option being pretty dope, especially since they do their patties perfectly. The beef patties are well-seasoned & cooked medium rare - you don't get to choose the doneness, but no issue for me as that's how I'd order my patties anyway.

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๐ŸŒฌ Indoor seats only

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