Walked past TRR multiple times when around this area but it’s never stood out since there’s an abundance of truly exceptional cafes in the area. We finally visited on a weekday afternoon at 3pm and it was a quiet place to recharge, catch up on some reading (from the variety of books available at the place) or have a relaxing meal.

We tried one of the chef recommended pastas - one of two lobster pastas. The Lobster Pasta with white wine reduction was essentially spaghetti with lobster cooked in white wine, butter, tomato, garlic and arugula.

This was the last dish to be served since we’d ordered some appetisers, but it was the most underwhelming of all. The pasta was overcooked and too soft, plus the white wine reduction was pretty tasteless even though there was butter in there. There was a very very subtle hint of white wine, but not enough to shine through. The sauce was too watery overall. We only enjoyed the lobster bits, which weren’t the easiest to enjoy although they had been chopped. It still took a fair bit of manoeuvring to get the meat out. While the lobster wasn’t bad, it also wasn’t the best. Didn’t bother with the garlic bread after a bite. It was too dry and crispy, to the extent of being hard. Not much garlic flavour either.

Honestly felt this was not worth the hefty $28.80 price tag and I would’ve been pretty mad to pay full price for this. Thankfully we were using eatigo for 30% off so the bill wasn’t so painful but still not worth the quality of this dish. I would return for the appetisers, and maybe to try other food, but I’d steer clear away from this for sure.