What are the odds. I can't quite believe that it took me so long (probably a couple of years?) before I finally landed myself at @statelandcafe because it simply blew my mind when every single item on the menu sounded appealing. #notkidding. We were spent the longest time in a dilemma before...unanimously deciding that we were all going to order the Hainanese Chicken Rice Risotto ($20) 😂 I haven't had chicken rice in, what, years again probably? And it was a wonderful feeling digging into this dish. A deliciously accurate makeover of the much-loved hawker dish: tender, juicy white chicken ✔️ fragrant rice ✔️ kickass chili 💥✔️. This was SHIOK. It was incredibly filling, yet so addictive that it was hard to resist. Value-for-money too, as prices are met and you get a free drink too (even for dinner)! I highly recommend the lychee lemonade 🍹#burpple #burpproved