We started our meal with a nicely spiced crispy pig’s ear, grilled ox tongue, a flavourful roasted bone marrow, and an extremely luxurious uni, lard and caviar toast. The uni had a perfect custard like texture and left a sweet, briny aftertaste - just the way i like it. This was complemented with the buttery texture of the lardo, and topped with a glistening dollop of caviar.

For the mains, we had a nicely crusted mac and cheese, grilled mushrooms, and the sweetest tomatoes I’ve ever tasted. Beef heart tomatoes have really changed the tomato game for me. For the meats, we had both the wagyu zabuton and the wagyu rib cap - both cooked to a beautiful medium rare. While my fellow diners preferred the rib cap (admittedly because of the intense flavour from the incredible marbling), i personally preferred the zabuton. The exceptionally tender zabuton meat that soaked up the sweet fragrance of the bordelaise sauce really just did the magic for me.

The meal was tied up with a beautiful eton mess, and a burnt blue cheese cake. I was skeptical about using blue cheese in a burnt blue cheesecake at first, but one bite of it had me sold as the sharp taste of the blue cheese complemented the burnt aftertaste. The rich creamy taste, complemented with the refreshing berries sorbet was a beautiful way to tie up this amazing meal.

Hands down one of the best dining experiences i’ve had. Good food, amazing service (shoutout to Ash!), and a cosy ambience. 10/10 for me. Keep up the good work guys.