Bagels are one of my favorite kind of breads, and their donut shaped appearance just makes them so much more fun. TMBH's Unlox ($12) consisted of a huge, freshly baked, chewy bagel generously smeared with cream cheese (I'm talking cream cheese explosion when I bit into it) and with layers upon layers of smoked salmon. To cut the richness of the smoked salmon and cheese the sandwich also had pickled cucumber, capers and red onions.

It was more of a burger than a bagel, and in such a good way. The salty, tangy and rich flavors melded together well in an interesting, complementary manner. And the gorgeous bagel was the anchor for it all; it was so warm, soft and chewy. It was well worth the price. I would love to be back to try the more exotic bagels and their other smoked meats.