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I must say that this limited edition Chocolate Cheese Tart (now till 31mar) from my all-time favourite BAKE is really good! 😍😍😍 The same lusciously smooth & creamy cheese mousse infused with rich cocoa flavour without overpowering each other. Who would hav thought chocolate & cheese could complement each other so well! πŸ’―
The subtle bittersweet also neutralises the richness of the cheese filling (in a good way), making the overall taste more well-balanced. Not too sweet, savoury or cheesy, just the way i like it! πŸ’•

My fav part is the crispy buttery crumbly tart shell which is also chocolate-infused. TASTES SO GOOD & adds a good crunch to the soft filling. ❀ I think i'd rate this to be on par with the original cheese tart! πŸ‘πŸ» Thank you @just_stitch for the vday & bday treat! 😊