Have been craving dim sum for a while now and finally got to have it after work! (Have been working from home the past week so good to be back in office for a bit and eat the good food in town xD)

We ordered about 8 dishes (only 6 are featured here)..

Highly recommended items:

- Coriander prawn dumplings ($4.00++) : these are filled with prawn AND meat! The fillings are super plump and juicy. Must-order!

- Meat dumplings in spicy oil ($6.00++) : the sauce is the bomb... The black vinegar + chilli oil coats the silky dumpling extremely well and it just glides down your throat. Mmm πŸ˜‹

- Crispy Red Bean w Banana ($4.00++) : This is really well made and both ingredients compliments each other well. I think the fact that Yum Cha fry this upon order (it still taste fresh) makes this dish from good to awesome

Still okayish items:

- Xiao Long Bao ($4.80++) : decent xlb, better than DTF one imo because they used rice wine which give it a bit of a sweeter taste but still pale in comparison to the one at 倧上桷

- Scallop Pea-Shoot Dumpling ($4.80++): the filling is nice but the skin doesn't really have much taste. The texture of the skin is also a bit off (too gummy/sticky for my liking)

- Paper Chicken Wings ($5.00++) : although it's in the fried section, the wings were not fried fried so the skin still remain soft. I found it okay but it seems the bf likes it

Give it a miss:

- Sesame BBQ Pork Pastry ($4.50++) : this was the first to come and it is cold and hard. The pastry taste very flat (not fragrant) and the BBQ pork is also not sweet/savory enough.

- Abalone Siew Mai ($5.80++) : we tried to be bougie and ordered this but the abalone is too fishy 🐟 would recommend to save the few $ and go for their normal Siew Mai instead (it's good! Just that the abalone did nothing for this dish)

There is a promotion for 30% dim sum items after 6pm on weekdays so do give this place a try! :)