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Visited the new Two Men Bagel after their expansion of the store, with much more new seating spaces but boy was it still packed, the lunch queue was a 1/2hr wait. They also updated the menu, and I was recommended one of the staff to try this Shoreditch Bagel.

Coincidentally, I’ve been to the OG Shoreditch in London and had tried their famous salted beef bagel, so this particular bagel rendition had a lot to live up to personally. Happy to say, it was all kinds of delicious and the bagel stayed authentic and true to its roots.

The beef was piping hot and tender, so so tender really, it just peels off in your mouth as it is served in generous chunks. The lovely brisket was accompanied by sauerkraut and mustard, which packs quite a punch, a biting sting that takes a little getting used to but ultimately an acquired taste. Once you’ve fallen in love with that distinct flavour, you’ll reminisce that unique taste profile of the salted beef spicy mustard combo and it’s something everyone should give a try.

Taste: 8.5
Value: 7
Nostalgia: 9
Overall: 8