1. learn to make jokes, don’t treat yourself too seriously. make people laugh. the jokes shouldn’t be too corny though, be a well-seasoned baby corn.
2. be someone that others and most importantly you yourself can count on. be the roasted cauliflower and broccoli in everyone’s lives, the biggest tree that doesn’t fall despite the harsh weather, providing shade to all the little plants and animals and even parasites because they need love too.
3. express your emotions and colours to the world! just like the sweet little cherry tomatoes and cranberries inside your heart, you’re a unicorn shooting rainbows everywhere you go. don’t hide those from others. life will be so bland without you.
4. try new things from time to time, and you will be surprised how much flavours it will add to your life, just like the parsley garnish on top
5. have a wild side but only show it to your broccoli and cauliflower friends you can trust. it is okay drink beer with salad y’know.
6. always stick to your values. and to combine everything together, there’s the soft roasted chicken, tasty sweet potato and carrot mash and gravy. these are your mains, your values that you should live by, that you should never compromise on. good values will bring all of the above points together, making yourself a harmonious being. just like how this food is perfectly cooked.
7. be kind.

7/7 would come back here again. the food here is good, simple and healthy, just like how life should be.