I’ve always enjoyed Bao Makers’ bao creations, so when they reached out with these new bao kits I was 20/10 stoked 🥺💕 What we received was 2 beautiful boxes of frozen bao ingredients that’ll stay good for a month, so you can reheat them any time the craving hits. It’s really simple and fuss-free, and the instructions are pretty much idiot-proof: all you need is a microwave and an oven/air fryer. For now they’ve got 2 flavours available, their Salted Egg Chicken ($13.90+) and Chilli Crab ($15.90+), and both are fabulous — coincidentally my favourites of their baos actually. I can’t recommend this highly enough honestly cause they tasted as good at home as I remember them to be at the restaurant. Super important imho.