celebrate this Easter with cute cake from @chateraise.singapore.

Feature :
💕Happy Easter Cute Bird.
Yoghurt mousse cake contains a sweet-and-sour white chocolate mousse in the middle and wobbly strawberry jelly centre.
💕Cute Bunny.
Strawberry mousse cake containing a layer of white chocolate cereal flakes and a sweet-and-sour strawberry sauce core.
💰$5.1. 💕Cute Panda.
White chocolate mousse cake with flowy chocolate sauce in the centre. A layer of chocolate cereal on top of sponge cake.
What made @chateraise.singapore different from other confectionery is, they only used fresh ingredients from japan. From strawberry, fresh cream that made from Hokkaido fresh milk, custard cream that made from freshly laid eggs and red bean paste..
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