Salted caramel - as signature as it gets. Also a familiar flavour that needs no review

Tahitian Vanilla - looks beige/brown and of a ‘lighter’ taste compared to the Madagascan counterpart. Or perhaps it’s just my bias towards Madagascan vanilla. Nevertheless, this was good too!!

Ispahan - the highly of today’s visit! Rosy much, tastes a lil’ like Bandung. Love the floral notes and how it’s pretty much light on the palate. Perfect after a heavy dinner!

Waffle bowl - not sure if intended that way but the colour was a shade darker than the usual brown of typical waffle cones. I took a quick scan - everyone’s waffle bowl was of the same shade. Not sure if it’s a batch issue or intended to be so. The waffle bowl was super crispy and thankfully no burnt smell!