So... We went to IKEA to explore some furniture options and as we browsed through the isles of perfect homes decorated with mediocre soulless furnishings we got hungry.

We were pushed to find shelter and nourishing outside as the whole of Singapore seems to to think lining up for self-service food from IKEA is an exciting, exotic way to spend a Friday night.

We therefore stumbled across Otoko Ramen, a little Japanese restaurant right around the corner from the Swedish megastore.

Service was incredibly keen. They came with a bowl of six complimentary hard boiled eggs which make for a great snack before digging into their 20 hour brewed tonkotsu broth full of collagen and fat from the pork bones.

The broth is of the right thickness for my taste. I wish we could have customized the thickness and hardness of the noodles, but overall it’s such a better option than IKEA cardboard meatballs!

We also had a small salmon chirashi bowl and some edamame. Prices are decent.

This place is a great option if you find yourself swamped and need a short break from the little demon kids that bump around, crawl and yell all over the place in IKEA.