Forever glad for The Better Half’s existence at the Everton Park neighbourhood — the place being almost a default spot for me to chill out at whenever I am meeting friends around the area and ending up being late; a cosy nook that I could get to do my own stuff whilst sipping on a cup of coffee and have a cake without stuffing myself before having lunch.

I have attempted to bake Black Sesame Loaf Cakes with Kinako frosting before, and its just something I just can’t seem to get right considering the recipe I have obtained — so I knew that it was the Black Sesame Cake that I wanted to go for after seeing the it being available on the counter on the day of my visit. Featuring elements such as black sesame sponge, black sesame spread and butter cream, and coffee crumble, the Black Sesame Cake is one that I wished I could have baked all by myself for how good it was. The cake wasn’t too crumbly nor dry; sufficiently moist, light yet spongey, whilst hinting of a roasty, earthy flavour from the black sesame — the black sesame spread and buttercream further enhancing the texture and flavours with its creaminess and punchy notes of black sesame that perfumes throughout the smooth buttercream that also reminds us of the classic buttercream cakes from old-school bakeries. The coffee crumble on the top provides a crunch for a contrast of textures for the entire cake.

The Better Half is probably a spot that I would drop by for cakes at the Everton Park area — especially so considering how I do love the simple cakes that they have that aren’t quite as over the top as some mousse cakes/entremet can be; it’s that sheer simplicity that makes their cakes so appealing and comforting, yet are also especially well-made — somewhere I am always looking forward to return to again.