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The magic of having a car (free parking on weekends). La la bee hoon (16/24/32) was one of the better renditions had so far, and some might say edges out putien's with a flavourful, ginger-tinged stock. Initially wanted to try the highly raved sauna prawns but got distracted by the GSS 2 Sri lankan crabs for $30 promotion with a choice of three sauces (chilli, black pepper and gan xiang, the latter being an in house specialty that is super spicy. Same sauce to be used for both). Opted for the chilli crab as we needed a moderate crab that could appeal to all tastes. The crabs were substantial although don't expect super sized crustaceans (their pincers were on the smaller side from what i usually order elsewhere but understandably so). Also ordered the Three Eggs Chinese Spinach (14/21/28) to add some veges to round off the meal.

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