PSA: stupid design for the board, basically the base is always black sauce with scallion oil. Then you have a choice of whether u want chili or not, and the chili mixed in is "tom yum style" chili paste

Noodles were soft when we got home 5mins later, but I still like the texture.
Chili was fiery on its own but not very pronounced when mixed in.

The black sauce was absolutely lovely. No idea what's in there but the sweetness and the thickness makes it probably the best I've had. The scallion oil was aromatic too but it was abit too generous

Chicken thigh pieces were fine but the meatballs were abit too soft. Soup was thick and very flavourful, abit too salty tho

Overall it's a great bowl

PS however the wait was insanely long. Dude is a one man show and somehow even tho he isn't moving particularly slowly, it's still a pain when there's only 3 ppl ordering

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