Was hyped to try @doqoosg's mochi waffles, but they were sold out at the time of my arrival 😭 nonetheless, I decided to try their create-your-own dessert bowl ($4.30) and found it pretty decent!

As for the base I got the aiyu jelly and the soy bean pudding; the aiyu jelly was surprisingly not really sweet with a faint flavour, and the soy bean pudding was your standard Mr Bean, sweet and smooth.

The osmanthus jelly topping was also just slightly sweet with a subtle aromatic fragrance. Lychee balls were just standard. All bowls come with their taro balls, which were nice and chewy!

Tbh I think most of the sweetness is coming from the sweetened milk! Glad that it's affordably priced, not bad of a dessert to share! Will be back to try their waffles 😍